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Wastewater and Stormwater:
      • Facility Planning & Feasibility Studies
      • Wastewater Treatment Facility Design
      • Wastewater Collection System Design
      • Infiltration/Inflow Analysis
      • WPDES Permit Consultation and Assistance
      • Development of Sewer Use Ordinance/User Charge System (SUO/UCS)
      • Storm Sewer System Design
      • Construction Site Erosion Control & Storm Water Management Plans

      • Exploration & Evaluation of Water Supply Sources
      • Design of Wells
      • Water Treatment Systems
      • Elevated Storage Facilities
      • Water Distribution System Design
      • Fire Protection Facility Design
      • Wellhead Protection Plans

Other Municipal Work:
      • Municipal Street & Road Design
      • Storm Water Design
      • Industrial Parks
      • Building Design (Fire Stations, Village Halls, Libraries, Churches, Schools & Public Bldgs.)
      • Design of Parking Lots & Pedestrian Plazas
      • Retaining Walls
      • Walkways, Walking Trails, Sidewalks & ATV Trails
      • Utility Mapping
      • Right-of-Way & Easement Mapping
      • Septage Disposal Sites
      • Land Surveying
      • Soil Testing
      • Bridge Design
      • Dams and Reservoir Planning & Design
      • Hydraulic/Hydrology Reports
      • Transportation & Railyard Design

We have been involved in many WWTF’s through all stages of development and construction. Many projects were funded by grants and loans, and over the years we have had several that were Innovative/Alternative (I/A) designs that received additional grant funds.

Our typical sewer and water projects involve: traffic control through street detours as needed, erosion control and construction site stormwater management practices, pulverizing asphalt pavement, salvaging pulverized asphaltic material, installation of the sanitary sewermain and services, watermain and services, storm sewer, electrical conduit, roadbed reconstruction, concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk and entrances and pavement of the road surface. Special detail can be given to facilitate landscape design and aesthetic improvement s as the client desires.

We have a long history of assisting communities in locating new water sources, testing for quality and quantity and developing wells. Developing a new water source may involve a Well Site Investigation Report, an Engineering Report or possibly a Pilot Study at the source. We will follow the entire process: working with the Public Service Commission, water source search, well construction and implementation of the Wellhead Protection Plan, pursuant to applicable DNR regulatory rules.. We also have designed underground water supply and fire protections reservoirs, elevated water towers, as well as coordinated the rehabilitation of existing elevated water towers.